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CHT Global SD-WAN offers many advantages for both

small and large enterprises with branch offices and data

centers located all around the world. The cloud-based

solution enables businesses to drive cost savings, transform

customer experiences, and improve overall performance.

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Transforming Enterprise Wide-Area Networks

As the demand for voice, video, SaaS and mobile applications rises, businesses are struggling to find a way to meet users’ increasing needs for bandwidth that traditional MPLS networks can no longer sustain in the age of the cloud.

CHT Global Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a comprehensive solution that offers improved application performance, business-level visibility, and reduced bandwidth costs for organizations with branch offices and data centers located all around the globe.

The fully-integrated cloud-delivered solution saves businesses both time and money by automating deployment and reducing IT complexity. Business and IT managers no longer have to worry about day-to-day application issues through the virtualization of network services.

With the ability to migrate seamlessly into your existing MPLS network, CHT Global SD-WAN is the complete package that allows enterprises to realize cost savings and enhance performance.

We encourage you to speak with one of our many qualified IT professionals to learn more about how to deploy CHT Global SD-WAN for your business today.

Enterprise Solutions

Business Agility

The ability to scale bandwidth either up or down according to the demands of end-user applications increases network agility for enterprises.

High Performance

Eliminating network performance penalties from backed-up traffic flow optimizes performance for critical applications such as voice, video, and data.

Zero Touch

With minimal on-site equipment and complex configuration, remote branch offices can be deployed instantaneously without the need for onsite IT support.


A secure and transport-independent overlay that works across both public and private circuits will optimize Internet connectivity for enterprises.

Deploying CHT Global SD-WAN

Broadband-based WAN

Leverage your existing MPLS network with broadband to minimize downtime and provide reliable connections to business applications.


Multiple Internet links allow CHT Global SD-WAN to provide both a secure and reliable connection to enterprise data centers.

Hybrid WAN

Hybrid WAN consists of a combination of MPLS and Internet, which leverages more bandwidth at a low cost to boost application performance.

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